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Roofed Accommodation - Presqu'ile - Clarke-Denson Cottage

Number at Park: 1

Site Number(s) / Name: Clarke-Denson Cottage

The Clarke-Denson Cottage has been restored to its original 1930’s lakeside cottage decor. The roofed accommodation holds up to six occupants, with three separate bedrooms; each with metal foot and head frames, pine side table and tweed-shaded lamp. The kitchen has been updated with modern appliances, and the bathroom has accessible capabilities. There is a grand room and a front sun room full of windows. The grand room features a solid harvest table with farm spindle chairs, two wing-back chairs that rest in front of the propane fireplace, encased with the original stone masonry chimney and solid wood mantle. Each fixture harkens back to the 1930’s, with two great chandeliers hung from the cross beams, and tweed floor lamps. The front sun room has wicker seating, both love seats and independent chairs, with a solid pine coffee table that highlights the character and age of the material. The other side of the sun room features a quant bistro or card table for evening discussions or entertainment. The sun room has three hanging fixtures that contain the Edison bulbs from the early 1900’s. Each window is dressed with handmade valances, resting on the originally restored iron curtain rods. The walls, ceilings and floors have all been refinished to emphasize the original British Columbian cedar wood grains. Throughout the cottage, items and equipment from the past have been fixed to the walls, to provide a feel to visitors that they are truly in the 1930’s, enjoying the amazing view over the wave-washed stones of Lake Ontario.






Lounge furniture, harvest table with six farm back chairs, wing-back chairs, two single beds, one double and one queen bed. Microwave, electric kettle, refrigerator with freezer, conventional oven with four stove top elements. Safe drinking water system in the utility with electric hot water tank.

What to Bring

All cookware, toiletries and bedding.


Reservations are available for 6 nights only (Saturday to Friday) from the 3rd Friday in June to Labour day. Outside of this window there is a 2-night minimum stay and a 3-night minimum stay on long weekends.

Please note that domestic animals (pets) are not permitted in the cottage and smoking is prohibited.


Parking for up to three vehicles.

How to Reserve

Reservations can be made online or by phone.

The view from Clarke-Denson Cottage
Fully accessible washroom in Clarke-Denson Cottage
One of three bedrooms in CLarke-Denson Cottage
Full modern kitchen in Clarke-Denson cottage
The Great Room and Sun Room in Clarke-Denson Cottage
The Great Room in Clarke-Denson Cottage
Clarke-Denson Cottage exterior