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Woodland Caribou Provincial Park: current conditions

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park‘s network of waterways carve the ancient and weathered Canadian Shield, providing endless route possibilities. The park’s informal motto is: “Where nature still rules.”

Visiting us soon? This is your one-stop-shop for up-to-date info — water levels to backroad conditions — about the park. The intent of this space is to provide visitors of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park with one location where everyone can access the most up-to-date information for all things wilderness, backcountry and planning!

What’s new?


Fires in the Park

Red 59 and 67 – This fire is approximately one kilometer west of Murdock Lake.  It is burning in old burn and is smouldering and producing smoke.  The fire is being observed and crews are focusing efforts on values protection. (August 6th, 2019). Picture below.

Red 45 – This fire is currently being observed, as the focus has been on values protection in the Robert and Job Lake area.  The fire has been mapped at @ 38,000ha (july 10th, 2019) This fire is no longer putting up smoke and is not considered a threat (August 6, 2019)

 Water levels\Rainfall

Crews and guests are reporting high water levels out there! Even the Dutch River that posed us problems last year is bursting with water! (July 24th)



Road conditions and access points

Longlegged and Iriam (Suffel) Roads have not been graded yet this year and this has resulted in heavy washboarding conditions. Take your time.

The Johnson, Leano and Onnie Access Points are all accessible via the Iriam (Suffel) Road from Red Lake, or the Longlegged from Ear Falls.

Please be aware of beaver activity and the potential for these areas to result in road washout conditions.  Working with local trappers, we are hopeful that the potential for washouts has been mitigated (July 20th)

On Pineridge Road, you can expect washboard conditions and encroaching alders.

For more details about park access roads, visit our trip-planning page.

Trail conditions and maintenance

This year, portage and campsite maintenance will focus on areas within recent burn activity. We will have two extra backcountry maintenance crews working in these areas in 2019!

Talon to Blueberry, Haggart to Crystal and Bulging, and Haggart to Irregular now completed (August 6th, 2019)

Minjim to Royd, Dutch River to Thicketwood and Leano to Blueberry now completed.

Crews are finishing up the Garner River through to Haggart and Leano through Paul and up to Jake Lake.

Our crews are currently working the portage trails around Donald and Royd Lake, and from Lund through to Indian House creek and to the west end of Crystal Lake.

Portages can be hard to pinpoint in these burnt conditions. Crews will be using flagging tape to mark the route in these areas.


We have been experiencing some problem bear activity on the NW end of Linge Lake – This campsite has been closed.


Current fire situation 

See CLOSURES at top of this page.


Forest fire activity is always a consideration when planning your trip in the backcountry. Up-to-date fire information can be accessed here.

This map shows recent (since 2010) burn history within Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.

Spring break-up / snow conditions

The snow is gone and the lakes are open — smooth paddling from here on in!

Staff vacancies 

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is currently looking to hire a contract (July to January) field biologist. Please contact us at 807-727-1329.

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