Bird's eye view of a Windy Lake yurt

My winter adventure at Windy Lake Provincial Park

Today’s post comes from Sanjay Chauhan of @jayeffex!

As someone who travels extensively in warmer months, I always like to find ways to make winters more exciting!

I appreciate every moment I get to spend outdoors away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto. So when the chance came up to spend two nights in a heated yurt at Windy Lake Provincial Park, my friend Solmaz and I jumped at the opportunity!

First time winter camping

We flew to Sudbury and then it was just a 55-minute drive from the airport to the park.

We lugged our stuff in a sled from the parking lot to our yurt (which wasn’t far) — and it felt like a part of the experience.

Aerial of the trail and yurts at Windy Lake
Photo: Sanjay Chauhan

I love photographing winter landscapes, but this was my first time experiencing winter camping.

I also hadn’t explored northern Ontario in winter, so this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

The yurts

The park has two cabins and four heated yurts. I’ve stayed in a yurt before, but never during winter months.

Bird's eye view of a Windy Lake yurt
Photo: Sanjay Chauhan

The yurts can sleep up to six people, and each comes with a table and chairs, lighting, electric heat, and an electrical outlet.

Each site also has a large deck, fire pit, picnic table, and propane barbecue.

Interior of a Windy Lake yurt
The yurt’s interior. Photo: Sanjay Chauhan

I had an entire yurt to myself, and so did Solmaz!

They are spaced out so there’s a lot of privacy. This glamping experience was the perfect mixture of spending some time in nature and basic comfort.

Winter fun

Every morning, I went out for a walk when everything was covered in snow, and enjoyed the peace and quiet and some sunshine.

Ariel view of Windy Lake's cabins
An aerial view of Windy Lake’s cabins. Photo: Sanjay Chauhan

I often saw foxes running around! Unfortunately, they were too quick to photograph.

My day usually consisted of snowshoeing on various trails, and trying out cross- country skiing in silence and tranquillity.

The Onaping Falls Nordic Ski Club operates a 15 km trail network with professionally groomed trails for both classic and skate styles of skiing.

aerial view of Windy Lake Ski Trail
Left: Cross-country skiing. Right: Snowshoeing trail. Photo: Sanjay Chauhan

This was my first-time cross-country skiing, and I loved how serene it was; a perfect opportunity to reflect on everything around me.

Ice fishing packages

One of the winter highlights for Windy Lake is their ice fishing packages.

With a complete ice-fishing package, the park office will set up a portable ice fishing shelter with two seats, rods/reels, tip-ups, baits, stool, and an ice auger.

It was perfect for a beginner like me because I didn’t have to lug around any of the fishing gear, and it was all ready when we showed up.

Note: for the 2021/22 season, ice fishing package rentals are available, but visitors are responsible for set up.

Windy Lake ice fishing montage
Left: I dug my own hole! Middle: Fishing tent set up by Windy Lake staff (service not available for 2020/21 season). Right: The first trout we caught! Photo: Sanjay Chauhan

Call it beginner’s luck, but Solmaz and I caught two Lake Trout in five minutes. I also tried digging my own hole in the ice. It was a nice workout…and fun too!

Being out on the frozen lake felt like being on the Arctic tundra, and it was a total white-out for as far as you can see. I also saw quite a few private fishing huts on the lake.

Winds created some very interesting textures on snow. I loved this experience, which allowed me to make the most out of this cold weather.

Public fishing huts on frozen Windy Lake
Private fishing huts on the lake. Photo: Sanjay Chauhan

The option to try out ice fishing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing, and then being able to relax in our heated yurts was a great experience!

Every night, we would light up the barbecue and make a warm dinner. We would also start up a campfire in the fire pit to warm up.

Landscape shot of frozen Windy Lake forest
Photo: Sanjay Chauhan

Living in a city like Toronto is great, but you clearly miss out on peaceful moments as we encountered.

So if you are looking for a way to make your winters exciting, step out your comfort zone, and want to try out some winter activities, I’d recommend Windy Lake Provincial Park!

A huge thanks to Ontario Parks and Ontario Travel for hosting us.

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