winter trail on sunny day

Winter adventures at Presqu’ile

While camping may be closed for the snowy season, Presqu’ile Provincial Park is open for day use 365 days a year!

So why visit in the winter? Here are six great reasons:

 1. Fantastic shoreline vistas

When conditions are right the ice buildup along the Lake Ontario shoreline produces fantastic formations.

ice volcanoes
Ice volcanoes

You can see everything from ice volcanoes to ice cliffs and bergs to pancake ice.

Pancake ice
Pancake ice

But these formations are ever changing and often don’t last long.  Every visit provides a new vista.

Ice bergs
Ice bergs

2. Winter wildlife

Many animals are more visible in the park once people are gone for the summer.  Red Foxes, Wild Turkeys and White-tailed Deer are all routinely seen.

red fox

You might even spy more secretive animals, like River Otters.

otter on ice

3. Winter birds

Winter brings a new host of birds that spend the winter at Presqu’ile and are gone by summer.

Over-wintering ducks — such as the spectacular Long-tailed Duck — are always present, and other species come and go all winter until the big migration flocks in March.

Long-tailed Duck
Long-tailed Duck

In addition, other birds such as Bald Eagles, Snow Buntings, and Snowy Owls are regularly seen.

Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle

4. Snow tracks

Even if you don’t see an animal, you have a much better chance of finding out what animals are around in winter.

Grouse (cross-shped) and racoon tracks
Grouse (cross-shaped) and raccoon tracks

Follow tracks to see what animals have been doing in the park.

5. You have the beach to yourself!

Not an entirely facetious statement.

The park is much quieter, and perfect for an introspective walk along the trails –road or beach – and you might see something completely different.

Ice Sculpture

6. Winter scenery in general

The forest and fields of the park can be a beautiful sight with a dusting of frost or snow.

scenic snowy forest

Don’t forget your pass!

A valid daily vehicle permit or seasonal pass is required while in the park (yes, even during the winter).

Our staff work hard ensuring roads are plowed and vault toilets are maintained, and spend the winter tackling important park projects. Visitor fees support this work.

parks pass

Daily vehicle passes can be purchased at the pay and display machine at the gate for $15.50, or a winter season pass (good from Dec. 1 to March 31 for all provincial parks) can be purchased at the Park Office during normal business hours or online for $85.

Come walk in our winter wonderland!