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5 reasons to visit Fushimi Lake Provincial Park

Fushimi Lake Provincial Park is located in the heart of Ontario’s boreal forest, near the town of Hearst just north of Highway 11.

That’s a long way from some parts of Ontario, but it sure is worth the visit!

From a big lake jumping with fish, to the big night skies filled with stars and the faces of staff with big smiles, this park is really something you need to experience!

Here are five reasons to visit Fushimi Lake:

1. It’s all about that lake!

Not surprisingly, one of the top reasons to visit Fushimi Lake is it’s lake.

A popular spot for anglers, Fushimi Lake is known for its Walleye, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, and Lake Whitefish. After reeling them in, the fish cleaning hut located by the boat launch makes cleaning easy!

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Not interested in fishing?

No worries!

Fushimi Lake is great for many other water activities.

kayak on shore

Canoes, kayaks, and SUPs are available to rent. Explore the several bays and islands and relax at the seven sand beaches!

2. Big on the inside

While Fushimi Lake may be on the smaller side, its views are still guaranteed to take your breath away.

Fushimi Lake is located in the heart of the boreal forest, surrounded by a beautiful clean and clear lake.

view of shore
A short hike along the Achilles Lake Trail takes you to a classic boreal forest view

Enjoy your morning on the beach, looking out at the islands and listening to the sounds of loons.

Even when the sun goes down, the views are far from over — they’ve got some big, beautiful night skies!

Sit by the fire and enjoy the sparkle in the sky from the infinite number of stars overhead.

3. Backcountry camping

Looking for a more secluded camping experience?

Fushimi Lake’s offers interior campsites accessible by motorboat, canoe, and kayak!

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Each campsite is located varying distances from the main access at the campground, perfect for people who want to test out the backcountry for the first time or seasoned pros!


Fushimi Lake’s interior sites offer unique settings — some interior campsites have beaches while others are located along a rocky shoreline. Some even let you have an island to yourself!

4. Immerse yourself in the boreal forest

Fushimi Lake offers two different hiking trails.

Achilles Lake Trail is a perfect choice for those looking for a short hike, with just a one kilometre round trip.

person looking out at lake
A short hike down the Achilles Lake Trail takes you to the lake itself and into the heart of the boreal forest

The trail leads to a classic Canadian Shield bedrock outcrop that overlooks Achilles Lake. This lake is not accessible to motorboats, which makes it a perfect spot to view wildlife, take in the stillness of a lake surrounded by boreal forest, and admire stunning sunset.

The Fire Tower Trail is a recommended for more advanced hikers, as there are a few challenging spots on the 7 km round trip.

collage of trail

This hike highlights some of the history of Fushimi Lake, bringing you to the old fire tower that was built in the 1930s for forest fire detection.

Along the hike, you’ll pass the site of the fire ranger old cabin where a “towerman” and his family would live. From the site of the cabin, you’ll walk the same path that the fire ranger walked every day to his job at the top of the fire tower.

5. That “Fushimi vibe”

Last but not least, we recommend visiting Fushimi Lake for the “experience”.

While it might seem obvious to highlight the beautiful campground (the campsites are very nice!) or the diverse wildlife that call Fushimi Lake home, the experience is something that many newcomers feel when visiting Fushimi Lake.


Whether staying for a night or a week, Fushimi Lake tends to surprise most visitors in the best way possible — from the quality of the park and its facilities, the majesty of the boreal forest, big skies and blue waters, to the friendliness of staff.

Once campers live the Fushimi Lake experience, they often find their way back!

Planning your visit?

Fushimi Lake’s quaint campground hosts 50 secluded sites, most with electricity. A comfort station is within walkable distance.

cabin at night

Their camp cabin provides awe-inspiring views of Fushimi Lake, with all the amenities you need to have a comfortable stay.

Looking for a road trip? Fushimi Lake is one of eight stops on the Boreal Forest Driving Route.

Fushimi Lake is open until September 24. Its cabin is open until October 10. 

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