The plovers are back! The plovers are back!

For a second year in a row, piping plovers have returned to the shores of Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. Piping plovers are small shore birds that nest on open beaches and are very vulnerable to storms, predators and human traffic. The park provides critical habitat for this species at risk. Fences have been installed to minimize human and dog disturbances and a team of over 80 volunteer plover guardians monitor the birds and the beach from 8:00am to 9:00pm daily.

On June 10th, the first of two plover nests hatched bringing four balls of fluff with legs into the world. These four chicks are now a month old and starting to take short flights. We are amazed at how active and healthy all of them are. Three of the four chicks have received colour leg bands to help keep track of the birds and the population -number four was too fast, and got away!

Parents of the second nest continue to incubate the eggs. Though they are overdue, park staff and volunteers are hopeful that the nest will hatch soon. Stay tuned….

Interested in volunteering as a piping plover guardian? Contact the Piping Plover Stewardship Coordinator at the park 705-429-2516