Thanks for the memories! Part 4

Our family has been coming to Presqu’ile for 20 years. Every year for the past 19 years, we’ve taken a picture of our 4 children at the lighthouse steps. When we look at them, we remember all the years and memories we have here. We love all of the trails, deer, and other animals here. We consider this our second home. Presqu’ile is an amazing place.
Ron, Nancy, Russell, Mallory. Adrienne & Warren Ferwerda
Guelph, Ontario

We have been going to Restoule for 20 years and call it our “home away from home.” The park holds so many memories, it’s difficult to pinpoint just one. We have 5 boys, and our 3 youngest ones have been coming to the park since they were tiny babies. Our 2 older boys are getting married next year, but they treasure their times at Restoule. We enjoy the peacefulness and the fact that Restoule is off the beaten path. We have brought different friends there and they all have grown to love the park the way we do.
Lydia Van Huizen
St. Catharines, Ontario

This past summer I went on a canoeing trip in Algonquin Park with my boyfriend and another couple. That trip was probably the best three days of my life. My fondest memory of the trip is watching the sun set on Burnt Island and laughing with the people around me. The landscape was truly sobering and breathtaking and I wish I could have stayed perched on that rock forever.
Ann-Marie Reid
Burlington, Ontario

It was after midnight in September at Murphys Point. It was very dark and still that night… just the dim light and small crackle of a campfire. I snuck up on two beady eyes in the woods to snap a picture of what I thought was a raccoon. Suddenly it moved and I realized that this racoon was bigger than me. I froze. Then, out of the darkness appeared a big deer looking straight at me… so close I could have reached out and patted its nose. I stood there while she ate, until she slowly made her way back into the brush. Wow! What a thrill, what a magical experience… absolutely beautiful.
Don Richard
Kingston, Ontario

Algonquin Park. Those two words convey a whole host of memories for me, and now, for my entire family. I am not exactly sure when I first camped in Algonquin, but I can tell you that it has spread from being a child, to being a teenager and now, as a mother and wife raising my own children within the Park. I say raised, because that is how it felt growing up. We have been camping in August since I was too young to remember but somehow, we never get to participate in a wolf howl… no wolves that week. We have enjoyed many other types of wildlife although I wish never to meet up with a bear again.
Whether it was in Pog and Two Rivers growing up or Kearney and Mew with my children; May or August or the middle of winter; interior camping or highway camping; Algonquin Park is the place we all cherish. Memories made and continuing to be made, it is a very special place for us all.
Kim Rice
Waterloo, Ontario