Thanks for the memories! Part 3

My memories are from a day camp with the YMCA. We always went to Bronte before we went on our trip. I remember all the fun stuff we did! I met a guy I liked. Met some awesome friends. I”ll never forget the times I spent in Bronte Creek Provincial Park!
Oakville, Ontario

As a little girl my parents would take us to Point Farms or Sibbald Provincial Park every summer. We had such a great time, the beach, the campfires and visiting the small towns. This past summer my husband and I took our two small boys with my brother and his family to Emily Provincial Park. We had the best time. I know that we will continue to visit Ontario Parks every summer and start new traditions of our own. They are the best memories I have of growing up and want to pass those same memories on to our children.
Marilyn Dallas
Stoney Creek, Ontario

I was so impressed by the teaching rocks. The atmosphere was so fantastic, I almost felt the presence of the Great Spirit. I’ll never forget that moment. I hope one day I will return and show the Petroglyphs to my wife or my children.
Karl Friedrich von Gemmingen
Sinsheim, Germany

This past July we went on an interior trip into Algonquin’s Canoe, Joe and Little Doe Lakes. We took our 8-year-old son with us. He was apprehensive about going, because of the bears. However he had such a great time, he just asked us when we were going to go back to the interior. He’s so taken with the simplicity and all the fun we had, just spending time together. Rain or shine, we enjoyed the trip so much.
Bernice Boose
Kingsville, Ontario

In 2004, my husband and I took our 4 children to Awenda Provincial Park for Thanksgiving weekend. The fall colours were absolutely beautiful. Our girls played in the leaves and we went on long bike rides and walked the trails. Then we laughed and played board games all night. With 6 people in the tent trailer and some snuggling and a heater, we were snug as bugs in a rug. On Sunday night we had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. The best memories were remembering what Thanksgiving was all about, celebrating it with the people closest to you and enjoying nature all around you. The simplest things in life should be appreciated and camping is the best example of that!
Pam Seyler
Tavistock, Ontario

Last summer, my boyfriend and I went camping in Tobermory. We heard a scratch on the tent and because of the shadow it looked like a big huge bear so my boyfriend went out in his boxers, only to see a huge big fat racoon smiling at us. I didn’t sleep the rest of the night¦ haha
Jelena Orsanic
Cooksville, Ontario