From schooling to teaching at Rondeau

Today’s post comes from Kevin Gevaert, a Discovery Guide at Rondeau Provincial Park.

I am a student Discovery Guide here at Rondeau Provincial Park. This will be my fourth year as an interpreter in the Discovery Program.

Let me tell you about my journey in parks.

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A green summer in Bon Echo

This post was written by Stacey Fluke, Green Initiatives/Special Projects Summer Student at Bon Echo Provincial Park

“Surround yourself with the five most successful people (in your life) and you too will become successful yourself,” is something a former boss once told me when we were discussing my five-year plan.

Bon Echo Provincial Park has had a significant impact on me and it is a pleasure to mention that this year is not only the 125th anniversary of Ontario Parks, but also my fourth season at Bon Echo.

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