Cheers to reforestation!

Great work everyone! Field Guide and hats are now SOLD OUT, with a portion of every purchase supporting reforestation work at Balsam Lake!

If you’re keen to support reforestation at Balsam Lake, please consider donating directly!

Ontario Parks and Collective Arts are brewing up a tasty ecological reforestation project for Balsam Lake Provincial Park this summer!

Field Guide is a special run of IPA inspired by the beauty and abundance of Ontario’s natural spaces.

Not sure how a new IPA is helping our forests? Read on!

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What RV trends do we expect to see?

In today’s post, our friends at the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association share their insights into the latest RV trends, and invite you to the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show (a free online event).

Many industries have taken a hit during the pandemic, but the Canadian RV and camping industry was an exception.

More and more consumers — unable to embark on their traditional spring and summer vacations — turned to the RV lifestyle as an alternative way to spend their leisure time away from home safely.

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Introductory backcountry camping tips from The Trip Shed

There’s a lot that goes into planning a backcountry camping trip. You have to map out your route, organize your supplies, and practice your camping skills to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

But unfortunately, if you’ve only ever camped in a campground, planning your first trip can seem daunting. Where do you start?

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How our partners helped us protect our parks in 2019

We are privileged to work with partner organizations that help us keep our parks protected and accessible for the millions of Ontarians who use them every year.

Now, we would like to look back on 2019, and thank our partners for their contributions and ongoing support.

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Road-tripping through fall at Ontario Parks

Hi, I’m Carolyn, and I’m popping in on the Ontario Parks blog to highlight some of my favorite provincial parks that you can visit throughout the fall, which I think is one of the best times to travel in Ontario.

Please read on as we road-trip around Ontario:

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Backcountry for beginners: the recap

On March 20, our team went live at SAIL to answer all of your questions about backcountry camping.

Unfortunately, we ran into some technical difficulties and aren’t able to deliver our promised recording of this event. We’re very sorry to everyone who was hoping to catch the replay.

Instead, we’ve gotten the team together to recap the questions in written form, so we can still share the answers with everyone who couldn’t be there live.

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