Where can a paddle take you?

In today’s post, Rondeau Provincial Park‘s Chief Park Naturalist Jess Matthews takes us back in time…

There may be a time when you used your paddle to get through white caps. At other times, it leisurely pulled you over still wetlands.

They are a lifeline. Solid, reliable; something that won’t break down on whatever journey you may be on.

But what if we told you that a paddle can also take you through time to the very beginning of the provincial park system? A time when the only two superintendents in Ontario Parks were 600 km away from each other, and correspondence was mainly though letters.

Just two paddles are the tangible pieces of history that connects Algonquin Provincial Park and Rondeau Provincial Park through a story of beginnings, friendships, and marriage.

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“Superinten-tions:” insights from superintendents past and present

This post was written by Warren Verina, Assistant Superintendent at Algonquin Provincial Park.

Stop and rewind 125 years (give or take a few months).

Imagine you are asked to gather rations and supplies, leave the bustling city of Toronto, and head north to the wilderness to what is now known as Algonquin Provincial Park.

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