Five friends, five departments, one park

Today’s post comes from Zuzanna, Alysa, Lyle, Jackson, and Emily: five friends who applied to Ontario Parks across the province and by a twist of fate, all got jobs at the same provincial park, 1,500 km (or 16 hours) from home!

In early January, we applied to work at parks across the province. Being friends with connections in Southern Ontario, we were yearning for seasonal jobs characterized by adventure and wilderness.

After numerous interviews and phone calls, one by one we received job offers from the same park: Quetico Provincial Park.

Once he reviewed our resumes and interviews, our senior operations technician discovered the friendships and previous connections that we had to one another.

Upon consideration of our unique backgrounds, he placed us in distinct departments to align with our individual strengths.

We became five friends in five departments, all at the same provincial park.

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What it’s like to be a maintenance worker

Ever relaxed at a new picnic table? Tossed your trash in an empty garbage bin? Strolled along a freshly repaired boardwalk?

Thank a maintenance worker.

Our dedicated team of maintenance staff works hard to keep our parks in top shape, so that our visitors can relax and enjoy their vacations.

Here are six things they’d like you to know about working maintenance:

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