Tips for night sky photography

One of the best parts about camping at one of our parks is the breathtakingly clear night sky. These clear skies provide the perfect backdrop to see the wonders of our solar system sprawled out above you.

Seeing these magnificent skies is one thing, but being able to capture them adds a whole other level to the experience.

Here are our top tips for night sky photography: 

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How to see better in the dark

We all crave the peace and quiet of a moment in the darkness, gazing up at the beauty of the night sky. But sometimes it’s hard to make out things in the pure darkness of provincial parks.

Did you know you can actually improve your ability to see in the dark? Most people do not realize there are a number of techniques you can use to improve your night vision. In this article we will explain four things you can do to see better in the dark.

We hope it will allow you to not only see more objects in the night sky, but to safely navigate your campsite at nighttime.

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