Celestial objects of interest in November

November is the perfect time for stargazing.

Even though the temperatures are cooling down, the early sunset and later sunrise provide us with almost fifteen hours of darkness in which to observe nighttime splendors. Plus, there are some exciting occurrences lighting up the skies all month long.

Why not take some time this month to view these celestial splendours?

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The Milky Way Galaxy

On a clear dark summer or winter night, you can see a cloudy band of light traversing the sky.

This light is known as the Milky Way.

The Milky Way actually has nothing to do with dairy. Instead, it’s the term for the light of hundreds of millions of stars that are so far away we cannot see them as individual points of light. Instead, we see their combined glow as a fuzzy, glowing band of light.

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Observing the origins of the universe

The beginning(s) of our universe has long stirred deep philosophical questions.

How did we get here? What causes the sun or the stars to move? If time had a beginning, what was there before that beginning?

These are all great questions, and the answers have historically been provided by spiritual as well as scientific means. Both types of answers provide a great value and continue to play a role for humanity.

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