Underground, underwater or frozen solid: how do frogs & toads spend the winter?

This post was written by David LeGros, a park naturalist at Ontario Parks.

As the crisp fall days get colder and the occasional dusting of snow whitens the landscape, we know that winter is just around the corner. For the countless songbirds of our forests, they avoid our cold winters and lack of food by migrating south.

Other animals are adapted to the cold conditions and may grow a thicker coat of fur or feathers. Some, we think, have the enviable ability to sleep away the long Ontario winter by hibernating.

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The pannes of Presqu’ile

The late winter wait for spring can be almost painful. I’ve had enough of the cold, snow, and hibernating wildlife. When can I go outside without a jacket? Disappearing snow, robins on the lawn might be enough for some, but not for me.

Then finally…yes! I hear it: rrrrRRRRT, rrrrRRRRT, rrrrRRRRT!

The Presqu’ile Provincial Park pannes have come through once again with my first real sign of spring — the calling of the Chorus Frogs.

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The wonder frog you may never see or hear

Today’s post comes from Charleston Lake’s Discovery staff.

Those who love frogs will not be disappointed at Charleston Lake Provincial Park. Larger frogs, like Bullfrogs, Green Frogs, and Leopard Frogs, are easily seen or heard around ponds and shorelines, wetlands and meadows.

But it’s a shame that another common park frog goes largely unrecognized and underappreciated.

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BioBlitz at Sleeping Giant

Team members from our Northwest Zone, including Barb Rees, Evan McCaul, Lesley Ng, Renée Lalonde, Laura Myers and Kyra Santin, combined to share the results of Sleeping Giant’s summer BioBlitz! 

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park isn’t just home to beautiful cliffs and hiking trails. The park also plays host to a diverse group of plants and animals.

Sleeping Giant celebrated this biodiversity with its very own two-day intensive BioBlitz from June 17 to 18.
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