Falling in love with fall colours at Rondeau

Today’s post comes from Olivia Pomajba, a summer student at Rondeau Provincial Park.

“There is nothing permanent except change.”

— Heraclitus

As the blissful haze of summer fades, we confront the realities of the changing season: colder weather and back to school. Autumn brings change to our lives, and to our parks as well. Change can seem overwhelming, but southwestern Ontario is a shining example of the beauty of change.

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Add nature to your self-care toolkit

As the days get shorter and the colder weather arrives, it’s time to talk self-care.  Bubble baths and meditation are great options, but have you considered adding nature to your self-care toolkit?

October 10 is World Mental Health Day, and it’s the perfect time to think of ways we can take care of ourselves and our families.

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7 tips for cool-weather adventuring

For many, autumn is the ideal season for outdoor fun. But as the temperatures start to drop, we want to make sure our hikers and campers stay safe while exploring our parks.

With help from our friends at Subaru Canada, we’ve gathered some top tips for staying warm and dry during your fall forays:

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Fall hiking at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Todays’ post is from Allison Spadoni the park superintendent of Nipigon Node Parks. 

Ah, fall!

It’s the ideal time of year for getting outside and tackling some of the longer hikes on your bucket list!

What makes the fall season such a great time for hiking?

Well, while the days are still relatively long and warm, the temperatures have begun to drop, making it more comfortable to work up a sweat while hiking outdoors.

The black flies and mosquitos are gone for the year and the fall colours make some already spectacular views even more special to take in. What more could a hiker ask for?

One destination worth adding to your hiking bucket list is the Casque Isle Hiking Trail, a rugged 53 km section of the Voyageur Trail located between the Township of Terrace Bay and the Village of Rossport. Portions of this trail also travels through Rainbow Falls Provincial Park.

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Eyes on the skies — October

Welcome to the Ontario Parks “Eyes on the skies” series. This will cover a wide range of astronomy topics with a focus on what can be seen from the pristine skies found in our provincial parks.

October is a month of transition as the last few warm days depart and we prepare ourselves for winter.

But cold weather does not mean we should abandon the great outdoors. On the contrary, the peace and serenity found at this time of the year make a trip to any park all the more enjoyable.

Here are our astronomical highlights for October, 2022:

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October’s digital download

You can’t get views like this in a hotel!

Take a relaxing vacation this month and watch the colours change.

This month’s FREE digital download comes from Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park.

Throughout 2022, we’re sharing a free downloadable graphic for you to use as wallpaper for your favourite devices. We’ve specially sized these images for your  computers, tablets, smartphones, and Facebook covers.

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5 ways to keep ecological integrity in mind this fall

It’s not hard to see why so many park visitors plan to visit in the fall: the changing colours, migrating birds, and sprouting mushrooms make a visit all too enticing!

Not to mention the cool nights that are perfect for a cozy campfire with no bugs to interrupt!

Almost everyone that visits parks share something in common: they want to experience nature. To do that, it is all our job to maintain the ecological integrity of parks.

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It’s September — what are the bears up to?

The nights are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and the bears know there is limited time to finish packing on the pounds before retiring to their winter dens.

Food will only be available until about mid-October, so the days of feasting are quickly ending.

Like the summer, in September bears are focused on eating. But these days, that focus reaches a whole new level, called hyperphagia.

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