5 reasons to visit Earl Rowe Provincial Park

With hundreds of parks in Ontario, it’s easy to overlook one that’s right next door.

But you don’t need to drive far for great camping options!

Here are five reasons you should consider Earl Rowe Provincial Park when you’re planning your next (or your first!) camping adventure.

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7 things to remember when arriving at the park gatehouse for day use

In today’s post comes from Discovery Leader Matt Cunliffe at MacGregor Point Provincial Park

When the big day comes, if you’re like me, all you want to do is get to your site: tent set, chairs out, feet up.

I’ve worked for Ontario Parks since 2006, afnd last year had the opportunity to run a gate house.

This gave me an increased respect for the amazing work our gate staff perform and valuable perspective on just how busy the park can be during check-in time for a long weekend…or any weekend for that matter.

And after a season of answering questions and helping campers, here are a few considerations for this year:

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How to use Kakabeka Falls as a basecamp to explore Thunder Bay

Did you know that Kakabeka Falls is Ontario’s second tallest waterfall?

Camp, hike, bike, and swim to your heart’s content next to a natural wonder.

The 40 m falls are the crown jewel of the appropriately named Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, a hub of family fun in northern Ontario.

And this year, we’re thrilled to announce improvements to the viewing platforms and boardwalks! Read on to learn how we’ve upgraded your access to these unparalleled views of the falls, and the historic Kaministiquia River and gorge below.

With the park’s convenient location just 30 minutes outside of Thunder Bay, Kakabeka Falls is the perfect basecamp from which to discover one of Ontario’s most dynamic and interesting northern cities.

Here’s why you need to check it out: 

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5 tips for winterizing your RV

Now that fall is upon us, it’s time to get your RV ready for winter storage.

Planning on using it a couple of times over the winter season? It’s still important to get your RV ready to protect it from the cold.

Even climate-controlled storage areas can lose power. The last thing you want is to spend the first days of spring repairing broken pipes when you’re raring to hit the road.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Wayfarer Insurance Group to share 5 tips for winterizing your RV!

Don’t forget: there are always professionals you can hire to winterize your unit for you!

If you’re new to RVing, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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How to practice proper pumpkin etiquette in parks

Today’s blog comes from Jessica Stillman, school outreach coordinator at Bronte Creek Provincial Park. In the fall, if she isn’t outside with students learning about mushrooms or how animals prepare for winter, she’s inside baking up a pumpkin treat!

Spooky season is upon us!

It’s time for cobwebs, witches, and skeletons to adorn our lawns and porches. Who doesn’t love admiring the creative carving of a jack-o-lantern, its toothy grin lit by a flickering flame?

These hauntingly fun decorations are part of the Halloween spirit, but what happens to them once November 1 rolls around?

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Falling for campsite crafting

Today, Content Development Specialist Andrea Coulter takes us through some family-friendly fall crafts. 

Last fall, my kids and I joined my parents on a three generation camping trip to Canisbay Lake Campground in Algonquin Provincial Park.

We spent our days going for bike rides, hiking, and visiting around the campfire, but my kids’ creative bug was definitely itching. I was glad I had prepared some activities for around the campsite!

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What to do when garbage bins are full

Access to green space and parks continues to be more essential than ever.

With so many visitors enjoying campsites, parks, and beaches this summer, it has resulted in an influx of food and garbage left behind.

This excess waste creates a dangerous situation when it is not disposed of properly. We’d like to ask our visitors to follow responsible garbage can etiquette on their next visit.

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How to successfully camp in the rain

Is the forecast looking a little rainy for your upcoming camping trip?

Don’t let it bring you down! Some of the best memories happen on the rainiest days.

All you need are a few tips and tricks to ensure you’re prepared for inclement weather. Keep these tips in mind even if the forecast calls for sunny skies!

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