The life of a resource steward

Today’s post comes from Rebecca Rogge, a travelling resource steward for the Northeast Zone. I first started working for the Northeast Zone Resource Steward Program back in 2011. It seems like a lifetime ago. At the time, it was a relatively new job in Ontario Parks. The program had only been around for a few … Continue reading The life of a resource steward

Listening to nature’s music

Today’s post comes from Kyra Santin, a Natural Heritage Education and Marketing Student from our Northwest Zone.  George Santayana — poet, philosopher and naturalist — said, “The Earth has music for those who listen.” The earth holds a lot of beauty within it. If we open our eyes and ears, and listen to the world … Continue reading Listening to nature’s music

9 future jobs of Ontario Parks

Today’s post comes from Ontario Parks 125th Anniversary Coordinator Laura Myers. Over the course of 2018, Ontario Parks’ 125th Anniversary has inspired us to reflect on our past and to imagine our future. We thought it would be fun to think about what Ontario Parks jobs may be required as we move forward into our … Continue reading 9 future jobs of Ontario Parks

Summer star parties 2016

Humanity’s fascination with the celestial bodies dates back millennia. And times haven’t changed. Camper families love stargazing especially from mid-July to late August during the Perseid meteor shower. At peak time (August 9-13, 2016) — if the skies are clear — you can see up to 50-100 meteors an hour! Star parties are held in … Continue reading Summer star parties 2016