Rondeau wildlife

Rondeau’s Nature Nuggets

The naturalists at Rondeau Provincial Park have been busy this summer. In case you missed it, check out the park’s ongoing “Nature Nuggets” video series.

Check out these videos on turtles, mallards and invasive species!

The Common Mallard

Bet you didn’t know mallards can fly at speeds up to 90 km per hour! Stop by Rondeau this fall to bid bon voyage to ducks and other water fowl as they follow their migration routes.

Northern Map Turtles

Do you know how the map turtle got its name?

Invasive Species

From phragmites to round gobies, can you spot the invaders?

Up next?

The Rondeau naturalist team will be releasing a new video every week in September. Don’t miss an update — subscribe to Rondeau’s YouTube channel.

Monarch Migration Fest at Rondeau

Monarch butterfly on childTo celebrate Rondeau’s Monarch Migration Fest (Sept. 20, 2015), the park naturalists plan to produce two new videos about butterflies.

Monarch Migration Fest features a full day of butterfly fun, including crafts, an artisan fair and a native plant sale.

Our naturalists will be tagging butterflies before they flutter south, and visitors will have the opportunity to adopt, tag and release their own butterfly!

Spend the day at Rondeau and give our monarchs a 5-star send-off for their long flight to Mexico!