Tent glowing at night

Keep it down: a quiet camper is a respectful one

You’re at the park. You’ve set up your site, and now you can spend the evening relaxing.

You had a long drive, and you are unwinding by talking to your friends and playing music. There’s no harm in that right?

In steps the park warden.

You may be surprised when a park warden stops by your site to ask you to quiet down a little, but their job is to make sure everyone is having a peaceful stay. Loud campers can irritate your neighbours and the wildlife in the park.

Here are five noisy habits to avoid on your next visit to the park.

1. Not respecting quiet times

Excessive noise isn’t allowed at any time, and there is a greater expectation of peacefulness as the night falls.

person sitting on shoreline, looking at stars

Lots of people find that the fresh air and activity in the park gets you to sleep quickly. Matching your internal clock with the daily rhythms of sunrise and sunset can improve your mental and physical health. Many campers go to bed early and rise early to hit the trails, clamber into the canoe, or stake out a good spot on the beach.

You may not realize it, however, voices carry much farther at night. A normal conversation during the day will sound much louder at night when most campers have gone to bed.

Many people go camping to enjoy peace, quiet, and the sounds of nature. Keeping your voice down is the respectful thing to do. You can still sit together, talk quietly, and enjoy the stars.

2. Early risers

Rise and shine! Some of our campers like to make an early start to their day. This can include loud music and voices.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that your fellow campers are on vacation. Some of them may prefer some peace and quiet in the morning, and the opportunity to sleep in.

3. Loud music

“Funky Town” is not so funky when you’re looking for some peace and quiet!

We all have our own taste in music, and some people share it, while others don’t. Some people like tunes while camping and others would rather hear the birds sing.

person playing guitar

Camping is about immersing ourselves in nature and getting outdoors, and letting that fresh air and space rejuvenate us.

By all means, listen to music if that helps you enjoy your trip, but keep it low key. Use headphones/ear buds or have the speaker low enough that the music stays on your site. Make sure to turn it off once night falls. This includes singing! Some of our visitors have young children who are trying to sleep once the stars come out.

Remember: some areas of the park are actually radio-free, and no audio devices are permitted at all.

4. Barking dogs

Even a dog-lover doesn’t want to listen to a dog barking during their vacation!

Dog in a tent

Make sure to keep your dog from barking, leashed, and under control (especially at night!).

5. Generators

Some campers use generators during their stay. This is more common for campers on non-electrical sites, and in parks that are “off the grid” and do not have hydro.

RV on a campsite

Trouble is: generators can be noisy. Considerate campers minimize generator time.

Unless prohibited by legislation, generators are permitted in provincial parks, however, they cannot be the source of excessive noise nor disturb others at any time.

Ask the park staff when you arrive to find out how you can respectfully use your generator.

BONUS: Headlights 

Okay, we know headlights don’t make noise. But please don’t use your headlights to illuminate your campsite at night!

Car parked on a campsite

We understand that headlights make it easy to light up the whole campsite. However when you do that, you share your beams with everyone around you.

No one wants to wake up to headlights shining into their tent in the middle of the night!

Have a great time!

Following these simple tips will make your vacation great, and that of everyone around you.

Tent on a starry night

Our campgrounds are big outdoor communities of like-minded people looking for a great outdoor experience. Provincial parks were established to provide a setting for peaceful and natural experiences. That’s a perfect blend of people and place!

Camping is fun, relaxing and rejuvenating. Let’s make sure all our friends and neighbours are sharing that feeling.