Plover is the word…What a success!

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is thrilled to announce that the four plover chicks (born June 10th) survived their first six weeks at the park. All four balls of fluff have developed into healthy, full grown birds that are now off exploring their new world and likely heading south to the Gulf of Mexico for the winter.

The second plover nest that park staff and volunteers have been monitoring for close to two months unfortunately did not hatch. The parents of the nest incubated the eggs for 50 days, when incubation is usually between 26 and 30 days. These eggs will be collected and sent for lab analysis to try to determine why the nest was not successful.

A BIG thank you goes to the over 100 community members who volunteered this season as Piping Plover Guardians. If it wasn’t for their dedication to the protection of these species at risk, the four chicks may not have survived and valuable biological information would not have been collected.

Will the plovers return for the 2010 season? Stay tuned to find out!