Please Re-Use This Bag. May the Forest Be With You!

When you visit Ontario Parks this season, you may notice something a little bit greener. No, it’s not the scenery, we are going green with our new re-usable bag!

Last summer, Ontario Parks introduced bio-bags. This year, we are taking the green scene to the next level and offering re-usable bags to all our customers. These new bags can be purchased at any park store for 99 cents, and are free with a purchase of $20 or more of Ontario Parks merchandise.

These re-usable bags have been made exclusively for Ontario Parks, and are big enough to hold all your park souvenirs. The bags are covered in colourful pictures of scenery and animals found in Ontario Parks and the phrase “Nearby and Natural” appears on either side of bag in English and French.

Forget paying 5 cents for a plastic bag the Ontario Parks re-usable bag is meant to be used over and over again, so carry it around with you everywhere you go and show your support for Ontario Parks. Everyone’s doing it!