Petroglyphs Provincial Park ~ A World Class Learning Place

The editors of Air Canada’s in-flight magazine have discovered a little Ontario Parks secret.

petroglyphs vc interiorThe September issue of enRoute magazine includes an article titled “100 Things to do Before You’re 100.” It lists essential things to do and places to see – from the classic (Taj Mahal at night) to the exotic (swimming with sharks).

Included in the list – recommendation #63, to be precise – is: “Take the kids to see centuries-old petroglyphs, like the ones at Petroglyphs Provincial Park, north of Peterborough, Ontario.”

Petroglyphs Provincial Park contains the largest known concentration of Aboriginal rock carvings in North America. More than 900 figures – including turtles, snakes and birds – were carved into exposed marble, as far back as 1100 years ago.

You can find out more about these amazing carvings at the “Learning Place” visitor centre inside Petroglyphs Provincial Park.

And a tip of the hat to enRoute magazine, for recognizing what we’ve known all along. Ontario’s provincial parks are world class. Don’t wait until you’re 100. Make plans to visit one near you this weekend!