Park Superintendent of Algonquin Receives Ontario Parks Award

The Peter Thomson Award is dedicated to the recognition of a park superintendent who has made a significant contribution to their park and the park system in the areas of protection, entrepreneurship and initiative, valuing people and the public, overcoming adversity and leaving a lasting fingerprint on the park system.

The 2009 Peter Thompson Award was recently presented to John Winters, Park Superintendent of Algonquin Provincial Park.

John’s staff noted his love and dedication for Algonquin Provincial Park which shows in his daily leadership, drive, positive attitude, sensitivity, honesty and integrity. Some of his accomplishments include: developing partnerships with Mountain Equipment Co-op, The Friends of Algonquin Park and the Algonquin Forest Authority to protect the Eastern Wolf through research and monitoring; providing support for the research and monitoring of the endangered Wood Turtle; conducting a review and analysis of the options to “lighten the footprint” of logging in Algonquin and also helping develop the Ontario Parks first business model and presenting it to the cabinet committee.

Ontario Parks continues to be a successful organization because of the hard work and dedication of all park staff.