Ontario Parks switches to BioBags!

Paper or plastic?

You may have been asked that question when the clerk at your local supermarket is about to bag your groceries.

At Ontario Parks, we’re switching to BioBags. They’re made from corn starch and synthetic polymers, are as sturdy as plastic bags, but are friendlier to the environment.

While consumers are becoming more conscious of the environment, about 80 plastic bags are still being used every second in Ontario. That’s about 7 million plastic bags per day or 4 bags per person every week. Did you know it takes about 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose?

Ontario Parks BioBags are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They can be reused, recycled, burned and composted. They break down in 10 to 45 days, depending how they’re composted. And they’re a small way you can help reduce greenhouse gases.

So, if you need something to carry away your Ontario Parks purchases and you’ve forgotten to bring your reusable cloth shopping bag, our BioBags are available.

Please remember to be earth friendly ~ only take a bag if you need one.

8 thoughts on “Ontario Parks switches to BioBags!”

  1. Do you re-use the fire wood bags? I returned my three to the park office and they seemed surprized and mentioned something about putting in garbage. I wasn’t sure if I heard them right or not. Reusing the bags makes sense to me.

  2. Recycling Bins – We were at Cedar Beach on July 21, 2007 for a group picnic. There was no recycling bins so, we dropped all water bottles and other recyclible materials in the garbage can. Why is there no Recycling Bins around in our Parks?

  3. Richard: We’d like to re-use the firewood bags. However, when most campers open the bags they either cut the tie that closes the bag or they cut open the bag itself. We’re currently looking at ideas to communicate this to campers when they purchase firewood.

    Laura: Cedar Beach is not a provincial park. At most provincial parks there are recycling programs in place.

  4. BioBags are an excellent choice for your parks! They are and reliable and strong. They not only will carry your customer’s purchases home but the bags can be reused to extend the life of vegetables and fruits in your campers coolers or refrigerators. (They breathe so moisture in the bag doesn’t build up and spoil the crunch in lettuce). Unlike bags that claim Oxy-degradable or just degradable which are polyethylene blends BioBags are 100% polyethylene free and are 100% biodegradable. Good call on switching suppliers!
    The environment thanks you. Let’s hope other retailers catch on to this too.

  5. Janet, If you mean bags like the ontario parks are using, that are compostabel and biodegradable. You can get them from http://www.ecolifeproducts.ca They have other products made from the same material like Kitchen bags and even one for picking up doggie do do.

  6. The firwood bags have always been very difficutl to open and perhaps that is why the ties are cut or the bags ripped open. If the bag were not to impenitrable more bags would be available for recycling.

  7. Thank you for your efforts to reduce plastic use in your parks. I have been using BioBag products for about 3 months and am very happy with the results. My composter is half full and I’m looking forward to spreading the mulch over my gardens in time for the winter quickly approaching. I hope the parks department picks up other BioBag products for sale in your retail camp stores. You could consider Food Waste or Tall Kitchen so campers can divert their organic waste for composting purposes within the park. I’ve also been using Doggie50’s their dog waste bags rather than using the plastic supermarket bags.
    I found them at my local store The Big Carrot on the Danforth but I think a company called Ecolife Products sells them online at http://www.ecolifeproducts.ca
    Thank you Ontario Parks for your research and inititives to reduce and make our world a cleaner place.

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