New Trail at Mashkinonje

About 40 people including Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay braved the rain recently to help open a new hiking trail at Mashkinonje Provincial Park. Calling it a testament to partnerships. Ramsay said the new Loudon Peatland Trail would not have been possible without the hard work of the Friends of Mashkinonje, as well as educational, business and municipal partners.

Trail OpeningThe 3-kilometre trail borders the Loudon Peatlands, a provincially-significant wetland. It’s a great place to see wildlife! Eight more trails totalling 35 kilometres will be completed soon.

Mashkinonje Provincial Park covers about 2,000 hectares and is located on the west arm of Lake Nipissing, about halfway between Sudbury and North Bay. The word Mashkinonje is believed to come from the old French and Ojibway words for muskellunge, one of the biggest fish in Lake Nipissing.