Let your competitive side loose in Ontario Parks

When you hear Ontario Parks, thoughts of sunny beaches, campfires and trails come to mind.  However, there are a group of people at Kettle Lake Provincial Park that think of sweat, exertion and competition!

The annual Mosquito Tryathlon features a 400m swim around Slab Lake, an 11km bike and a 5km run.  There are also two shorter courses for youth who would like to take part.  Participants can take on this triathlon as part of a team or as an individual. 


Photo Credit: DKramerPhotography


The challenge of the event isn’t the only reason people flock to Kettle Lake.  The Triathlon is an extension of the Law Enforcement Torch Run, which means all the proceeds go to the Special Olympics to provide training and equipment for its athletes.     

This race originated as a friendly competition between co-workers at the Timmins Police Department, and on July 5 the event attracted over 60 people and rose over $7500.  Kettle Lakes works alongside Timmins Police Association, Discover Fitness with Kate Durst, No Frills and Pepsi, making this truly a community event.  

Is your competitive side intrigued?  Then it is time to pull your bike out of storage and dust off those running shoes and get ready to try a tri!

Need a few practice events to get ready?  Check out The Pinery and Sandbanks who all offer different races this fall!  Also, the competitive fun doesn’t stop in the summer; keep your eyes open for winter events, such as snowshoe races.   

For more information regarding the Mosquito Tryathlon, follow this link: