Lake Superior pebbled shoreline with OP125 logo

Support Lake Superior Provincial Park

As part of the Ontario Parks’ 125th anniversary, we’re asking Ontarians to help us fund five legacy projects across the province.

Lake Superior Provincial Park’s legacy project is the upgrade and extension of the Noisy Bay Hiking Trail and the creation of an accessible trail down to the beach.

Lake Superior Provincial Park’s legacy project

Accessible pathway from Visitor Centre to beach

The Visitor Centre is the focal point of the park and a popular rest stop for highway travellers.

visitor centre

Presently, anyone with a mobility issue would have difficulty accessing the beach anywhere in the park.

pathway to beach

The proposed accessible pathway — including an accessible viewing platform with accessible picnic tables — will offer all visitors the opportunity to enjoy and experience the powerful beauty of the Lake Superior shoreline.

Noisy Bay Hiking Trail upgrade and extension

The Noisy Bay trail is the northern-most hiking trail in the park. Currently, this is a linear trail, approximately 4 km in total length. Hikers start at the highway, hike down to Noisy Lake, then continue on to the shore of Lake Superior, before retracing their steps back to the beginning.

pebbly beach leading to forest

The second part of the park’s legacy project will extend this trail to make it a loop, as well as constructing a bridge over Noisy Creek to make the crossing safer and easier.

What makes this trail special?

The beach at Noisy Bay itself is a geologically fascinating place. The rock type at Noisy Bay is greenstone, a metamorphosed volcanic rock.

pebbly beach with waves, forest in distance
Noisy Bay, looking North

These greenstones are some of the oldest rocks in Ontario, approximately 2.7 billion years old. The greenstones at Noisy Bay sit on the shore of a relatively “young” (in geological time) Lake Superior, at approximately 10,000 years old.

Noisy Bay Beach, pebbly beach and forest
Noisy Bay, looking south

How to contribute

OP125 logo on top of image of people walking on Lake Superior beachIf you’d like to help us enhance Lake Superior’s Noisy Bay Trail and make the park more accessible to visitors, visit our new donations page.

Making a camping reservation? You’ll have the option to add on a donation to a project of your choice.

You can also check back throughout the year to find out how close we are to funding the project!