Introducing the Trails of Presqu’ile Provincial Park

Dunes, panes, beaches, old growth forest and a beautiful lighthouse! Presqu’ile Provincial Park has several different habitats and a very exciting storied past. The best way to discover Presqu’ile is to experience the environment and walk through where past events took place!

Presqu’ile’s 16 kilometres of trails allows you to explore all of this and more! The park trails are going to be featured in a new book coming out this summer, ‘Hikes & Outings of South-Central Ontario’! Here are descriptions of three favourite trails in the park.

The Marsh Boardwalk
The newly rebuilt Marsh Boardwalk is a 1.2 km loop, which puts you into the middle of marsh habitat! As you search through the cattails and lily pads you will hear the calls of bullfrogs bellowing ‘Ruuum Ruuum Jug-o-Ruuum’. Bullfrogs are the largest frog in North America and they are perfectly coloured to be camouflaged in with the green and brown surroundings of the marsh. A great activity while walking the Marsh Boardwalk is to count the many different species you see – you will be surprised how much lives in the beautiful marsh!

Jobes Woods Trail
Jobes Woods is home to a one of the park’s favourite little critters…salamanders! Salamanders are a perfect fit for Jobes Woods because of the vernal pools; pools of water only present in the spring and early summer. The water gradually dries up as the weather warms. Salamanders have a life cycle similar to frogs. They start their lives as larva with gills that breathe underwater. The difference is that salamanders do not loose their tails which makes these vernal pools essential for salamanders to fulfill their life cycle.

Pioneer Trail
The Pioneer Trail allows you to get a glimpse of Presqu’ile’s past! The trail takes you through old fields, which were once cleared by the settlers for farming. Now these fields are home to beautiful wildflowers and butterflies. Imagine you are one of the first settlers to Presqu’ile and the Brighton Area like Obadiah Simpson and his 12 year old son John. Together Obadiah and John built a small log house and a shelter for their cattle. At 12 years old John was given the task to stay at Presqu’ile and care for the house and cattle, while his father journeyed to Kingston to bring back the rest of the family.