Hitting the Trail at Esker Lakes

If you are looking for a new trail to trek this summer, the Lonesome Bog Trail at Esker Lakes Provincial Park might be just the ticket!  As the trail sweeps around Sausage Lake and travels across different landscapes, it introduces visitors to multiple ecosystems while also providing a glimpse into the park’s history.

The Lonesome Bog Trail first visits a spruce bog with carnivorous plants, but don’t worry- they only eat insects!  These plants are able to survive the acidic conditions of the bog by getting nutrients from the insects they trap.  As the trail continues, the bog transitions to a tamarack bog which has patches of creeping snowberry and small cranberry that bloom in early spring and berries that ripen in the late summer.  Next the trail travels through a dense balsam fir stand; a significant source of food and shelter for wildlife in the park.  Finally, the trail visits sections of forest that were once exposed to fire and logging. Signs of these disturbances are still visible today if one looks closely.

Thanks to the work of volunteers with The Friends of Esker Lakes Park and park staff, visitors are now able to learn more about the park and its ecosystems at the eight bilingual interpretive panels along the trail.  On Saturday July 6, this group took advantage of a hot summer’s day to put the final touches on the new interpretive signs at the Lonesome Bog Trail.  Before The Friends of Esker Lakes Park proposed this project, the 1.5 km trail had only a paper trail guide which hikers could bring with them on the trail.   After many hours of design, development, and construction the interpretive signs are now complete and replace the paper trail guide.

Visit Esker Lakes Provincial Park this summer to hike this trail and see this great project!