Here’s to your HEALTH!

Have you ever considered the extent to which parks can play a role in your health? People place a high value on parks (and other protected areas) for good reason, they help protect Ontario’s vast diversity of plants, animals and their habitat, as well as the environment. But more and more, parks around the world are being recognized as landscapes that deeply touch our collective spirit.

Of course, it’s important to protect parks for future generations. They help keep our ecosystems healthy, thereby sustaining us as a human population. But an increasing number of people are rediscovering nature as a stress-free way to relax and renew their spiritual health. Parks are places where families can enjoy each other’s company and have fun. They’re places where children can play safely, exploring the magic of nature. Parks are also places where communities can get together, where neighbours can celebrate their natural surroundings.

So the next time you’re wondering what you can do to nourish your body and soul, try visiting a park. It’s a “HEALTHY by nature” way to improve your overall well-being!

2634AwendaParks: for your health

Parks offer a full range of physical activities in the great outdoors. Hiking, swimming, canoeing, skiing are all part of a healthier life.

Parks: for your family

Parks are the very best settings in which to share memorable family experiences and strengthen relationships. Imagine the joy of story-telling around a campfire, or the thrill of your child catching a fish for the first time.

Parks: for your soul

Parks are special places to rekindle your sense of wonder and solitude. Restore some balance, wake up to a bird’s song, or quietly watch a deer and her fawn graze in a nearby meadow.

Parks: for your community

Parks are actually small communities unto themselves, where all your neighbours have pride in nature. When you visit these communities, you’re also contributing to the economic well-being of nearby villages, towns and cities.

Parks: for your environment

Parks protect wildlife habitat and help ensure ecological diversity. Youâ??ll see, feel and learn firsthand the importance of cleaner air, water and soil. This healthy environment is good for your health.

Ontario Parks: We’re Healthy by nature. Come visit us soon!