Help us count Dragonflies!

Did you know that 15 per cent of North American dragonflies are at risk of extinction in the foreseeable future? Many of these beautiful, delicate creatures require high levels of oxygen, associated with free-flowing rivers.

If you’re going to be in the Thunder Bay area on July 8th, here’s your chance to take part in a different kind of activity. You can help count dragonflies along the Pigeon River!

Dragonflies are an accessible group of insects. You don’t have to get up early to watch them and they appeal to kids.

The dragonfly count will take place at the recently-protected Horne Falls property which is now part of Pigeon River Provincial Park. You’ll learn how to catch, identify and release adult dragonflies including the Rusty Snaketail and the Extra-striped Snaketail, a dragonfly that’s at risk, globally.

The information that you help collect during the count will be submitted to the Natural Heritage Information Centre to update records used by scientists, conservation organizations and park managers in conservation planning.

The dragonfly count is a Volunteer for Nature event a partnership program of the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Ontario Nature that engages Ontarians in hands-on biodiversity protection.
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