Celebrate Healthy Parks Healthy People

Celebrate Healthy Parks Healthy People – free day-use on July 15

Mark your calendars!

Last year, we kicked off the Healthy Parks Healthy People movement in Ontario Parks and this year, the celebrations continue.

Once again, Ontario Parks will be offering a day of FREE entry into all parks on July 15, 2016.

What is Healthy Parks Healthy People?

Healthy Parks Healthy People is a worldwide movement that aims to get people to spend more time in nature because time in nature is good for your mental and physical well-being.

Did you know…

  • MartenRiver_IMG2253The scent of fresh pine has been shown to lower anxiety and stress levels
  • Going for a walk outside promotes creative thinking
  • Exercise in nature has a more positive effective on blood pressure and mood than exercise in a gym
  • Spending time outdoors may help prevent short-sightedness
  • Nature sounds like bird songs and rushing water can help lower stress levels

Special events

On July 15, parks across the province will be offering special activities to celebrate including guided walks, yoga, free equipment rentals, and more!

Find out how your nearby parks are celebrating by checking the events page. Check back regularly as parks will continue to post their events as July 15 approaches.

kids running on beach

For more info on Healthy Parks, Healthy People, check out our webpage, past HPHP blog posts or the #HPHP hashtag on Twitter