Glamping… Without the Price Tag

Tom Hanks and Sean Penn are both doing it. And rumour has it Paris Hilton is ready to try it, too. It’s “glamping”. Translation: glamorous camping. It’s trendy and it’s got people thinking, “That’s hot”.

Although we may not be offering the $4,000 excursions the celebs are experiencing, Ontario Parks can meet the needs of the not-so-rugged camper, too.

Quick Tips for the Ontario Parks Glamper

  • When you need to escape the overcrowded urban scene, we have plenty of parks that can provide the secluded getaway you are looking for. Find out where “less” can mean “more” on our online park vacancy report,
  • If the idea of camping evokes thoughts of leaky tents and sleeping on rocks, book a yurt or cottage in one of our parks. Even glampers on a budget need a warm bed and dry accommodations.
  • Not exactly a spa, but provincial parks in Ontario offer clean facilities and hot showers. You can achieve an “au natural” look while still maintaining the basics of good hygiene.
  • Spend your days lounging on the beach. Ontario Parks has sandy beaches that rival ocean coastlines and Caribbean waters. With equipment rentals at your disposal, you can cruise around in a boat or take a leisurely paddle in a canoe.
  • Gourmet foodies don’t have to resort to canned beans just because they’re outdoors. With more handy gadgets becoming available – like Coleman’s Heat ‘N Serve Slow Cooker or Road Trip Grill – you can whip up your favourite culinary cuisine with ease.
  • Broadway is so passé. For arts and culture, Ontario Parks offer fantastic entertainment! From evening activities to interpretive tours, let us entertain you. Each park has a unique cultural history that will engage and inspire any arts connoisseur.

Relaxed, comfortable and enlightened. Whether you call it camping or glamping, we call it a fantastic getaway.

3 thoughts on “Glamping… Without the Price Tag”

  1. Camping is Camping and always will be the idea is to get outdoors. I love Ontario Parks they are more real then some of the Campsite Hotel’s around the Province..

  2. Well, I suppose camping will always be camping. But, when you serve a gourmet meal the kids always seem to ask…Mum, where are the hot dogs for the stick?
    Plus, isn’t the BEST dessert a perfectly browned marshmellow?

  3. If you’re glamping you ‘ll never have an opportunity to come face to face with one of the provincial park’s giant skunks waddling into your camp site at 12:00 mid-night while 10 of you are sitting around a campfire– and just sitting there –Quietly!!!!!!!!!!!!! as he walks aroung you and your friends—and waddles off without ever firing a shot—and then everybody racing to the restroom afterwards—that’s true camping–camping to remember!!!!–Great Memories!!!!

    PS—– 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (available from any drugstore), 1/4 cup of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate for you science types) and 1 teaspoon of liquid soap, such as Ivory. This is the ONLY formula that removes skunk from a chocolate lab ( gave our dog blonde highlites for a while) and people. Should be in every camper’s emergency kit!!!

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