Glamping… Without the Price Tag

Tom Hanks and Sean Penn are both doing it. And rumour has it Paris Hilton is ready to try it, too. It’s “glamping”. Translation: glamorous camping. It’s trendy and it’s got people thinking, “That’s hot”.

Although we may not be offering the $4,000 excursions the celebs are experiencing, Ontario Parks can meet the needs of the not-so-rugged camper, too.

Quick Tips for the Ontario Parks Glamper

  • When you need to escape the overcrowded urban scene, we have plenty of parks that can provide the secluded getaway you are looking for. Find out where “less” can mean “more” on our online park vacancy report,
  • If the idea of camping evokes thoughts of leaky tents and sleeping on rocks, book a yurt or cottage in one of our parks. Even glampers on a budget need a warm bed and dry accommodations.
  • Not exactly a spa, but provincial parks in Ontario offer clean facilities and hot showers. You can achieve an “au natural” look while still maintaining the basics of good hygiene.
  • Spend your days lounging on the beach. Ontario Parks has sandy beaches that rival ocean coastlines and Caribbean waters. With equipment rentals at your disposal, you can cruise around in a boat or take a leisurely paddle in a canoe.
  • Gourmet foodies don’t have to resort to canned beans just because they’re outdoors. With more handy gadgets becoming available – like Coleman’s Heat ‘N Serve Slow Cooker or Road Trip Grill – you can whip up your favourite culinary cuisine with ease.
  • Broadway is so passé. For arts and culture, Ontario Parks offer fantastic entertainment! From evening activities to interpretive tours, let us entertain you. Each park has a unique cultural history that will engage and inspire any arts connoisseur.

Relaxed, comfortable and enlightened. Whether you call it camping or glamping, we call it a fantastic getaway.