Family Day Weekend backcountry adventure

Killarney Provincial Park is one of several Ontario Parks with Family Day weekend events planned. If you are a young camper family seeking an unforgettable winter adventure, Killarney is a good fit. An Activity Day on Family Day weekend hosted by the Friends of Killarney Provincial Park is a winter highlight. Here are some tips for a Killarney backcountry adventure:
-don’t be surprised if you hear wolves howling at night;
-yurts are ski in – sleds to haul gear in are provided;
-ski in yurts give a whole different experience, rather than drive in – it’s like your own personal hut in the silent winter forest;
-try listening for owls at night;
-if the moon is out and reflecting off the snow (it gets dark early), take a short night hike on a packed ski / snowshoe trail;
-if an astronomer is available, a star-gazing session at Killarney’s very own observatory is a great opportunity to learn about the night sky;
-join in one of the guided family activities on Activity Day – by ski or snowshoe – even long term Killarney campers may see areas that can’t be reached in summer;
– Killarney Provincial Park rents snowshoes that don’t need the same snow depths that cross-country skiing does so even an early or late winter snowshoe adventure is possible.