angler in hip waders, fishing in river

Fall fishing at Sauble Falls Provincial Park

This post comes from Kevin Deacon, passionate angler and Head Gate/Park Warden at Sauble Falls Provincial Park. 

Fishing is a great experience for anyone, whether you’re looking for a new adventure or you’ve been casting a line for years.

As the summer weather cools down, fall fishing season heats up. Sauble Falls Provincial Park is the perfect place to wet your line and possibly land the big one.

Hook a salmon or trout

The salmon and Rainbow Trout begin their voyage up the river sometime around the second or third week of September.

The time varies every year, so staff and campers alike wait in anticipation to see that first fish jumping in the falls. The excitement of hearing the call of “fish on!” echo down the river is infectious.

There are great opportunities to fish salmon, Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout late into the fall.

Camp next to your fishing spot

Man casts off a dock wearing fishing waders.

With the Sauble River running right through the park, campers can set up on their non-electrical site right along the river.

There you can sit comfortably in your folding chair with a hot coffee in one hand, and your fishing pole in the other.

If you’re looking for a few more comforts from home, you can choose an electrical site and cast your line from the dock in the East Campground, or anywhere along the bank.

See the leaping salmon and trout

A fish leaps out of Sauble Falls.

The area around the waterfall is a fish sanctuary. The waterfall acts as a natural fish ladder that allows the fish to get upstream to reach the spawning areas.

The sanctuary allows fish to rest between jumps as they make their way up the falls. This provides a great opportunity to see some beautiful silver salmon and Rainbow Trout up close as they leap out of the water, striving to get up to the next ledge of the falls.

No matter what age you are, the excitement of seeing the fish jump makes you want to cheer them on!

There’s nothing like seeing a Rainbow Trout leap out of the water, flashing its tail and wiggling to make it up to the next level.

Man wades through the river holding worms and a fishing pole.

Just downriver from the falls is an excellent place to get into some hip waders and walk right out into the river.

You can fish from both sides of the river in this area, and both are easily accessible within a short walk.

Whether you enjoy fly fishing, floating a bobber with a roe bag, casting with a lure or just relaxing and watching the tip of your fishing pole waiting for it to twitch and bob, anyone can enjoy their time.

More than just a fishing hot spot

If not all members of the family enjoy fishing, don’t forget: there’s lots to do in the fall.

Sauble Falls Provincial Park has some truly amazing colours as the leaves change and fall off the trees. Dark deep reds, bright oranges, yellows and fading greens of many shades are everywhere.

Fall colours at Sauble Falls.

It can be incredibly peaceful standing in the park, looking up at the sky and watching as the leaves twist and twirl from above, landing softly all around you. Watch the leaves float by in the river, pulled by the current to slip slowly down and over the falls.

Perhaps you relax by the water with a toasty warm drink, watching as your fishing pole twitches. Waiting patiently for another hit, waiting to feel the tension on the line, waiting to feel if a fish has taken the bait.

But why are you thinking about this when you could be doing it?

Sauble Falls Provincial Park is open until Sunday October 29, 2022. Go online and make a campsite reservation to join us up here at Sauble Falls this season. Take a drive and get a day pass, the staff will be happy to see you!

We look forward to seeing you!