Easy campsite recipes from Ontario Parks

Maybe it’s the additional oxygen you get when you’re outdoors, or all that exercise that makes you hungry. Whatever the reason, food always tastes better when you’re camping. Here are five favourite campsite recipes to try on your next camping trip to Ontario Parks. Three are classics and two come from new campers. They participated in our Learn to Camp program which challenges new campers to cook on a camp stove. We’ve also added a link to a post from a Bon Echo Provincial Park camper on how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey outdoors BBQ turkey for Thanksgiving? Why not?. You’ll find more campsite recipes plus meal planning tips on our Learn to Camp site .

Spider Dogs and Muffin Orange are two favourite kid recipes especially at park Halloween events. Spider Dogs are a fun alternative to the traditional hotdog.

For Muffin Orange, you scoop out an orange like you would a pumpkin before adding muffin batter or yellow cake mix and baking.

This chicken recipe is unbelievably easy to make. Sheha, one of our Learn to Camp participants shared it with us and in honour of her Learn to Camp experience, she’s named it Learn to Camp Chicken.

Trail mix is a high energy treat that even kids can make. Best of all, it’s easy to pack in a freezer bag to take with you on a summer paddle, fall hike or winter cross-country ski adventure. Combine your choice of nuts, dried fruit and even chocolate from this wide selection of ingredients to make your family’s favourite version.

Who knew Roasted Eggplant could be so tasty! This camper recipe only asks for a few ingredients- just eggplant, garlic spread and salt and pepper. Best of all, you can cook it either on a campfire or a camp stove.

Are you a log cabin or a tipi campfire maker? This Learn to Camp leader shows you how to make both well.