Dig a little Deeper…

Students in the Perth area had the chance to dig into the field of archaeology literally in a recent project at Murphys Point Provincial Park.

About 150 local grade 5 students helped excavate around McPharlen House a pioneer homestead within the park during the first week of October.

During the day students dug in one-by-one metre sites. They washed artifacts found during the excavation, reconstructed ceramic dishes and explored other areas of cultural history. Students worked with onsite archaeologists, who told them all about the artifacts they found during the excavation. Who knew digging in the dirt could be so educational and inspiring?

And one of Ontario Parks’ loyal partners helped make it all happen.

Swish Maintenance Limited donated $7,000 to the Friends of Murphys Point, to help support the annual dig.

Swish has been helping fund educational and scientific projects in Ontario Parks for nine years. In addition to their contribution to the dig at Murphys Point, Swish has provided funding for almost a dozen other projects in our provincial parks, including the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake project at Killbear, a trail restoration project at Bon Echo, loon research at Quetico and Hognose snake research at Wasaga.

For more information on the archaeological dig, you can visit the Friends of Murphys Point website.