Four people lined up with turtle shells on their backs

Costume ideas from Ontario Parks

Are you stumped trying to figure out what to be for Halloween this year?

To help you out, we pulled together some ideas to inspire the perfect park Halloween get-up!

Park naturalist

Halloween costume of a SBPP Park Warden, Sturgeon Bay

Haven’t you always wanted to be a park naturalist? Here’s your chance! This budding naturalist nailed it.

Kip the frog

Frog mascot and child with helmet

This beloved frog is Ontario Parks’ mascot. With 11 species of frogs in Ontario to choose from, hop to it and dress up as your favourite hopper!


Guy with binoculars and tilley hat

Grab your hat, binoculars, and field guide, and go as a birder! Add a stuffed bird to your shoulder to take it to the next level.


Guy with tilley hat and a life jacket in a boat, fishing

Is fishing more your style? Get out your lifejacket, fishing vest, hat, and rod, and go as an angler! Too easy? Take some time to craft a big fish for your line.


Four people lined up with turtle shells on their backs
From left to right: Blanding’s Turtle, Wood Turtle, Snapping Turtle, and Painted Turtle

Show your love for turtles by dressing up as one! Get crafty by creating a shell out of a large cardboard box and channel your inner Picasso by painting the shell.

Going out with a group of friends? Each of you can dress up as different Ontario turtle species!

Biodiversity bunch

Grab your friends and dress up as your favourite species to represent biodiversity!

People dressed up in a variety of costumes
From left to right: caterpillar, Viceroy Butterfly, Black Bear, Little Brown Bat, farmer, and Peregrine Falcon

This shot is from a time when the staff at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park dressed up to represent the park’s natural and cultural heritage for an evening presentation.

Beautiful butterfly

DIY and fly! Feel as pretty as a butterfly by making your own Monarch costume!

Wood Tick 

Is Halloween more about the blood and creepy-crawlies for you? Maybe try going as a Wood Tick!

Person with tick mouthparts on a bike helmet on the beach

For ultimate effect, emphasize the tick’s mouthparts by designing an enlarged and fearsome mouthpart fixed to an old bike helmet.


Four guys, dressed in old timey clothes, working in the mine

Dress up as a miner and strike it big! Ontario is rich in mining history — show your appreciation for some of Ontario’s cultural heritage this Halloween!

Batman and owl

Wait a minute…isn’t it Batman and Robin? Nevertheless, spread your wild-inspired superhero wings as a bat or a Great Horned Owl like these two!

Two children in winged costumes

Modify an old suit jacket to be a bat or get fun with feathers by using different shades of fabric scraps!

Rockin’ robin

Guy in a robin outfit, singing at a mic and playing guitar outdoors

Speaking of Robin, dress up as an American Robin! Can you sing as soulfully as a robin? Why not jazz up your costume by being a rockin’ robin?

Park warden

Park warden with child in in front of park vehicle with lights on the vehicle

Be a park warden! Park wardens are superheroes too — they help protect our parks and keep them safe for everyone.

Lake Trout

Woman dressed as fish with yellow foam

Fin-atic about fish? Re-purpose old foam to make a full-body fish costume. You’ll be quite the catch!

Get busy like a beaver!

Camper dressed as beaver.

We hope that you have found some inspiration for this year’s Halloween costume! Better get to work (like a busy beaver) because October 31 is fast approaching!

Looking for places to show off your sweet costume?

Join the spooky festivities happening at select provincial parks!