Would you like fries with that campsite?

If you are visiting one of many Ontario Parks this summer, there is a very good chance you will receive some added value or discounted opportunities with your overnight campsite permit this year.    Ontario Parks is proud to partner with several companies that will offer sample products and discounts to visitors.   Beyond samples and/or discounts, partners also financially invest into other important projects and programs like:   Science and research initiatives, PARKsmart Lifejacket lending program and Ontario Parks Partners student bursary program.    Here are some of our partners, and product offers that you may see when you visit an Ontario Park this summer.

Left: A husband and wife in a gate house. Right: A gate staff talking to a visitor entering the park in a car.

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SAIL – VIP adventure contest in Temagami

Winter is over and summer fun awaits – you and a guest could be going on a Temagami adventure!

Temagami is one of Ontario’s special places offering wilderness experiences amongst countless lakes and rivers embedded amongst untouched old growth Red and White Pine forests. Hundred year old trails navigate the rugged terrain featuring several of Ontario’s highest peaks, and legendary fishing opportunities await those who explore this region.    Seven provincial parks offer the best of Temagami; an ideal playground for anglers, paddlers, hikers, photographers, and adventure seekers of all types.

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