Road trip: Northern Ontario 

Looking for your ‘bucket list’ vacation this year? Hit the road to Northern Ontario. Spectacular provincial parks are in every part of this massive region, encompassing over 802,000 square kilometres.  Many parks have the same amenities and programming that you’ll find in southern parks. Here are 3 northern Ontario Parks to whet your appetite: Continue reading Road trip: Northern Ontario 

Day trips at Ontario Parks 

Looking for easy ways to escape the heat this summer? Head to Ontario Parks. Many provincial parks are an hour drive from urban areas. Think about purchasing a Summer Daily Vehicle Seasonal Pass for just $125.00, valid from April 1, 2015 until November 30, 2015 and enjoy a summer of family fun. Here are three day trip ideas to get you started: Continue reading Day trips at Ontario Parks 

Walking in the Rain

I love walking in the rain. First – as everyone is painfully aware – for half the year Canada is cold. Getting outside in warm weather is too precious an experience to be wasted waiting for a sunny day. Second – weather predictions are often woefully wrong, leaving you stuck at home when you could be enjoying a great day outside. Continue reading Walking in the Rain

Introducing the Trails of Presqu’ile Provincial Park

Dunes, panes, beaches, old growth forest and a beautiful lighthouse! Presqu’ile Provincial Park has several different habitats and a very exciting storied past. The best way to discover Presqu’ile is to experience the environment and walk through where past events took place! Continue reading Introducing the Trails of Presqu’ile Provincial Park

15 things to do with your kids before they’re 15

Parents interested in the outdoors and family camping have a short window of time before kids’ seasonal jobs and other interests can change family holiday time. Since this is a season of resolutions and the beginning of 2012 vacation planning, here’s a suggested list of 15 things to do with your kids before they turn 15! Continue reading 15 things to do with your kids before they’re 15