Introducing MacGregor Point’s new Forest Therapy Trail!

Today’s blog comes from Dr. Romola Porchuk from the Global Institute of Forest Therapy and Nature Connection, and Cortney LeGros, the Healthy Parks Healthy People coordinator at Ontario Parks.

Forest therapy is much more than just a walk in the woods.

It’s all about the journey, not the destination, or the number of steps you track.

As you move your way through a forest therapy trail you might start with a deep breath, close your eyes for a moment, and allow your senses to guide you.

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Add nature to your self-care toolkit

As the days get shorter and the colder weather arrives, it’s time to talk self-care.  Bubble baths and meditation are great options, but have you considered adding nature to your self-care toolkit?

October 10 is World Mental Health Day, and it’s the perfect time to think of ways we can take care of ourselves and our families.

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Fall hiking at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Todays’ post is from Allison Spadoni the park superintendent of Nipigon Node Parks. 

Ah, fall!

It’s the ideal time of year for getting outside and tackling some of the longer hikes on your bucket list!

What makes the fall season such a great time for hiking?

Well, while the days are still relatively long and warm, the temperatures have begun to drop, making it more comfortable to work up a sweat while hiking outdoors.

The black flies and mosquitos are gone for the year and the fall colours make some already spectacular views even more special to take in. What more could a hiker ask for?

One destination worth adding to your hiking bucket list is the Casque Isle Hiking Trail, a rugged 53 km section of the Voyageur Trail located between the Township of Terrace Bay and the Village of Rossport. Portions of this trail also travels through Rainbow Falls Provincial Park.

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Sleeping Giant’s new and improved Nanabosho Lookout Trail

Today’s post is from Christian Carl, Park Superintendent at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

I first noticed the prominent buttress on the northeast face of the Sleeping Giant’s chest while hiking the Kabeyun Trail in the spring of 2003.

More specifically, as I enjoyed a break on the sunny, south-facing shoreline of Sawyer Bay, my attention was drawn to a natural lookout on top of an arête (the point where two cliff faces meet).

I immediately imagined the stunning landscapes that would be revealed to hikers who ventured to this natural lookout on the chest of the towering Giant and contemplated how I might make my way up there to take a look for myself.

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5 reasons to visit Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Never visited Lake Superior?

Let us introduce you to this stunning body of water with a park that showcases how great this lake is: Pancake Bay Provincial Park!

If you’re travelling from the east or south, Pancake Bay is the first provincial park with camping you’ll come across on Superior.

Located less than an hour north of Sault Ste. Marie, this park is perfect to start or cap off your Lake Superior adventures.

Check out these five reasons to visit Pancake Bay Provincial Park:

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Sudbury rocks for fall hiking!

September is one of the best times of the year to get out into nature and hike!

Most of the month of September is still technically summer. While usually cooler on average than August, it’s still warm and often without the humidity. Not to mention, bugs are just a distant memory!

The Sudbury region is rich with opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature as summer winds down.

Eight provincial parks within an hour’s drive of Sudbury, six of which are open after the September long weekend. Each one has its own character and set of recreational opportunities.

Here is a selection of parks and trails to consider if you live, are staying in town, or camping in the Sudbury area this September:

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Fall hiking gems in Ontario’s southwest

When it comes to fall, Ontario’s southwest can be overlooked.

While crowds of people flock to Algonquin Provincial Park or the Niagara Escarpment, there are many places elsewhere in the province that showcase the beauty of Ontario’s changing colours.

What better way to see the colours than by tackling a trail? Here are just a few of our best-kept secrets in southwestern Ontario:

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Backcountry basics: know your limits

You’ve heard about this fantastic new adventure through a friend, route guide, or Instagram. It looks kind of tough, and you’re pretty new to the whole backcountry thing.

Still, you don’t want to miss out, so you decide to go for it.

But as you start planning, there’s a little voice wondering if this is really the best idea.

Listen to that voice.

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