Perfect parks for your late fall camping trip

Looking to extend your camping season?

Many of our parks are open for overnight stays in October and November. Whether you snuggle up in your tent or get cozy in your RV, make sure you pack extra socks!

Bundle up and book a trip to one of these late fall camping spots:

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October’s digital download

You can’t get views like this in a hotel!

Take a relaxing vacation this month and watch the colours change.

This month’s FREE digital download comes from Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park.

Throughout 2022, we’re sharing a free downloadable graphic for you to use as wallpaper for your favourite devices. We’ve specially sized these images for your  computers, tablets, smartphones, and Facebook covers.

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Fall warbler migration at Rondeau Provincial Park

Today’s post comes from Laura Penner, a Discovery Program Group Leader at Rondeau Provincial Park.

Thousands of birdwatchers flock to Rondeau each spring to take part in one of natures most spectacular events, the annual songbird migration.

The male warblers, in their attempt to attract mates, are in their finest plumage with bold patterns and bright colours. Their unique songs fill the air! Beginner birders focus on the bird’s appearance to identify it. For more advanced birders, the songs may help identify birds that aren’t out in the open putting on a show.

But for those who are ready to take their warbler identification skills to the next level, there is the fall migration!

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5 reasons to visit Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Never visited Lake Superior?

Let us introduce you to this stunning body of water with a park that showcases how great this lake is: Pancake Bay Provincial Park!

If you’re travelling from the east or south, Pancake Bay is the first provincial park with camping you’ll come across on Superior.

Located less than an hour north of Sault Ste. Marie, this park is perfect to start or cap off your Lake Superior adventures.

Check out these five reasons to visit Pancake Bay Provincial Park:

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How to practice proper pumpkin etiquette in parks

Today’s blog comes from Jessica Stillman, school outreach coordinator at Bronte Creek Provincial Park. In the fall, if she isn’t outside with students learning about mushrooms or how animals prepare for winter, she’s inside baking up a pumpkin treat!

Spooky season is upon us!

It’s time for cobwebs, witches, and skeletons to adorn our lawns and porches. Who doesn’t love admiring the creative carving of a jack-o-lantern, its toothy grin lit by a flickering flame?

These hauntingly fun decorations are part of the Halloween spirit, but what happens to them once November 1 rolls around?

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5 reasons to try late fall camping

It’s not time to say goodbye to your favourite park just yet!

While some of our parks close after Thanksgiving Weekend, many remain open through late fall and even through the winter.

If you’ve never tried a late fall camping trip, this might be the perfect opportunity to make the most of the season before packing up for the winter.

Here are five reasons to try late fall camping:

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Falling for campsite crafting

Today, Content Development Specialist Andrea Coulter takes us through some family-friendly fall crafts. 

Last fall, my kids and I joined my parents on a three generation camping trip to Canisbay Lake Campground in Algonquin Provincial Park.

We spent our days going for bike rides, hiking, and visiting around the campfire, but my kids’ creative bug was definitely itching. I was glad I had prepared some activities for around the campsite!

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5 ways to keep ecological integrity in mind this fall

It’s not hard to see why so many park visitors plan to visit in the fall: the changing colours, migrating birds, and sprouting mushrooms make a visit all too enticing!

Not to mention the cool nights that are perfect for a cozy campfire with no bugs to interrupt!

Almost everyone that visits parks share something in common: they want to experience nature. To do that, it is all our job to maintain the ecological integrity of parks.

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It’s September — what are the bears up to?

The nights are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and the bears know there is limited time to finish packing on the pounds before retiring to their winter dens.

Food will only be available until about mid-October, so the days of feasting are quickly ending.

Like the summer, in September bears are focused on eating. But these days, that focus reaches a whole new level, called hyperphagia.

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