Shortcuts? More like shore cuts!

Today’s post comes from Mikhaila Lafleur-Weidhaas, a park warden at Pancake Bay Provincial Park.

Two beach trails diverged at a dune, one well-travelled and clear — the other a shortcut. Do you take “the road most travelled?”

The coastal shores of Lake Superior, with its sand beaches and Caribbean blue water, have been a popular attraction to thousands, from nomadic voyagers to people looking for paradise close to home.

However, as people run to Ontario’s beaches looking for a staycation, more pressure is being placed on our sandy shores.

This increased pressure can cause a decline of these dynamic and rare freshwater coastal dune ecosystems.

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Why driftwood matters

Today’s post comes from Laura Myers, Past Senior Park Interpreter of Neys Provincial Park.

Driftwood – it makes a great bench to watch the sunset, a balancing beam to play on, or that perfect element to your photograph.

There’s something about driftwood that gives beaches that rugged beauty factor. Walking on a beach, listening to the waves and the birds, and looking at the different pieces of driftwood can be wondrous and relaxing.

Has a piece of driftwood ever caught your eye and made you wonder where it originally came from? How it got that far up the beach? The size of the wave that put it there? What species of tree or how old it is?

Each piece of driftwood has its own journey and its own story. But its story isn’t over when it washes up on the beach.

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5 reasons to visit Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Never visited Lake Superior?

Let us introduce you to this stunning body of water with a park that showcases how great this lake is: Pancake Bay Provincial Park!

If you’re travelling from the east or south, Pancake Bay is the first provincial park with camping you’ll come across on Superior.

Located less than an hour north of Sault Ste. Marie, this park is perfect to start or cap off your Lake Superior adventures.

Check out these five reasons to visit Pancake Bay Provincial Park:

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2022 Piping Plover season recap

In today’s post, Piping Plover Biologist Monica Fromberger shares the hot gossip surrounding this season’s plover population.

We had TWO Piping Plover nests in southeastern Ontario this year!

One at Darlington Provincial Park and the other at Presqu’ile Provincial Park.

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The trouble with balloons

Today’s post comes from David Bree, our Senior Natural Heritage Education Leader at Presqu’ile Provincial Park, and passionate protector of Ontario’s shorebirds.

I don’t know Jason. But I do know he turned six sometime in the last two months and he had a wonderful party with cake, presents and balloons, surrounded by friends and family.

I hope he had a good time, but I wonder if he knows the legacy of his sixth birthday — from my perspective — is unsightly litter, extra work and possibly untimely death.

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Accessibility at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is the busiest provincial park in the province, receiving over 1.5 million visitors every year!

Home to the world’s longest freshwater beach, Wasaga boasts 14 km of pristine sand, making it a “hot spot” for summer activity.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy a visit to the beach.  Here’s a list of our accessible features and where to find them in our park!

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Should you bring a floatie to the beach?

The day starts out with the best intentions.

You’ve brought your inflatable flamingo (or unicorn or yellow duck or inner tube…) to your favourite beach in hopes of getting some much-needed R&R.

You wade into the water, throw the shades on, climb aboard, and lie back to soak up the sun…

… when suddenly, you’re jolted awake with the realization that you’ve drifted way out into open water!

Your swimming skills aren’t great and you didn’t wear your lifejacket or PFD, so you attempt to paddle yourself near land with your arms. But the wind’s against you.

You wave your arms, trying to get the attention of people on shore…

…until you lose your balance and slide off your slippery inflatable friend into the water…

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How to plan a day trip to North Beach

North Beach Provincial Park is a beautiful day use park offering long sandy beaches along Lake Ontario and North Bay — 2,000 meters of sand beach to be specific!

Located in Prince Edward County, a short drive from its more famous neighbour, Sandbanks, it’s a popular spot for beach-goers and often hits capacity throughout the summer.

This year, you need to book your day use permit in advance to guarantee entry.

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How to plan your day trip to Port Burwell

Port Burwell Provincial Park is a favourite spot for families, dog-lovers, and beach-goers.

With 2.5 km of sandy beach, a dog friendly beach and exercise area, and plenty of recreation facilities, this park has become a popular weekend destination.

Unfortunately, Port Burwell’s increasing popularity has meant that our park can get extremely busy, and often reaches capacity on hot summer days.

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