5 ways to level up your camp coffee

5 ways to level up your camp coffee

You’ve got big plans. Today’s the day you conquer a stretch of whitewater, take the trail to the waterfall, or join that guided wildlife hike.

But the morning feels chilly. And your muscles are tight from yesterday’s portage. And your inner-naysayer has almost got you convinced to snuggle back in your sleeping bag and let the day go by.

But then the wind shifts.

And you smell the one thing that never fails to rev up your inner adventurer.

Most of us don’t mind “roughing it” a bit while camping.

But it’s hard to go without coffee.

Here are 5 ways to stay caffeinated while camping:

MEC coffee chart

1. The instant energy jolt gu gel espresso

Drained after a killer portage? Tired from slaying that bike trail? Flat-out zonked after following your toddler around the campground all morning?

This GU Espresso Love Gel lets you go from zero to caffeinated in about seven seconds. No muss, no fuss, no boil, no dishes — just tear open the top and squeeze into your mouth.

Bonus: the chocolate-y goodness doubles as a low-maintenance dessert!

2a. The lightweight “take on the trail” solution

MSR MUG MATE COFFEE/TEA FILTERPortaging into the backcountry? Hiking rough terrain?

Lighten your load with a super handy re-usable coffee filter. Just pop it into your mug, add a scoop or two of your fave blend, and pour in the boiling water.

Bonus: this type of filter also handles loose-leaf tea.

2b. The mid-weight “take on the trail” solution

java press

Because one cup of coffee may not be enough.

A good French press (like this GSI Java Press) makes almost 1 L at a time, while the insulated nylon cozy keep things hot through brewing and serving.

Bonus: this baby is dishwasher safe.

3. The “first one up puts the coffee on” solution


A dependable 6-cup percolator, the Stanley SS ergonomic handle makes pouring easy (even when you’re only half awake), and the stainless steel is tough enough to boil over your campfire.

Bonus (thanks MEC for sharing this pro-tip!): “When you’re done making coffee, remove the ground chamber and use the base pot to boil hot water for oatmeal or to rehydrate meals.”

4. For coffee connoisseursaeropress

The elegant Aeropress is loved by adventurous coffee snobs everywhere.

It brews a fast, full-flavoured cup of joe or shot of espresso, while weighing less than the average hiking boot.

Bonus: micro-filter means no grit in your cuppa.

5. For wilderness baristashandspresso

Is it a hairdryer? A bicycle pump?


This beauty is a wilderness espresso machine. Here’s how the Handpresso works:

No batteries needed, and you can even pre-pack your caffeine hits in Dome Pods.

Bonus: pair with gourmet s’mores for the full luxury wilderness experience.

Is it time to update your camp coffee?