beans on skillet over campfire grill

5 reasons Bush’s Beans are good camping food

We’ve recently teamed up with longtime partner Bush’s Beans for our Learn to Camp program!

Here are a few reasons we think beans should be on your next camping trip’s menu:

1. Beans are perfect camping food.

No matter the temperature or time of year, beans are a terrific campfire go-to. They’re easy to carry, don’t spoil in the heat, and go with almost anything else you might be eating (or can be a meal on their own).

Bush's Beans can

Plus, they’ve got lots of plant-based protein to help you recover from a full day of enjoying the outdoors.

2. You can get right to the good stuff

All you have to do to prepare Bush’s Beans is open the can and pour them out. Heating them up is even optional (though we like them much better warm).

staff at picnic table eating beans

It may sound small, but worrying about what and how you’re going to eat when the nearest kitchen is miles away can be a big stressor for a lot of campers. With that taken care of, you’ll have more time to just have fun and make memories.

3. They support Canadian farmers

Though Bush’s is based in the U.S., they buy some of their beans from Canadian farmers. They’ve been a family-owned company since 1908, and have always believed that it’s important to care for the people and communities in which their beans are enjoyed.

4. They’re a versatile meal — something for every palate

From bruschetta to chili, beans can do it all!

For some delicious ideas on how to cook up beans at your next campfire, check these out.

5. Bush’s Beans supports Ontario Parks

Bush’s Beans has generously supported the Ontario Parks Bursary Program for many years. These awards acknowledge the innovation and leadership of young people who work in Ontario’s provincial parks.

Student bursary winners

Ontario Parks thanks corporate partners like Bush’s Beans for their support.

Interested in supporting Ontario Parks? Become a corporate partner, or make a donation here