Bronte Creek farm in winter.

Bronte Creek’s annual coyote howl

Did reading this title send chills down your spine? Did your heart beat just a little faster with the thought that you might hear a coyote?

Each New Year’s Eve since 2000, Bronte Creek Provincial Park has rung in — or, more accurately — howled in the new year.

You can be part of the park’s coyote howl tradition this December 31.

How did the tradition get started?

Bronte Creek Provincial Park is known for its cultural heritage programs, centered around farming practices of the early 1900s, and for being a green oasis in an ever-expanding urban landscape.

Park users were becoming increasingly curious about this adaptive canine that was being seen and heard around the area.

Coyotes presented the perfect subject matter for an educational program — so much material to work with! They’re social yet secretive, while also largely misunderstood and often portrayed as a villain in media (besides being a beloved cartoon character).

A coyote howl was the perfect way to enhance the park experience, getting people outside in the winter learning about not only our cultural history, but also the natural ecosystems.

BronteCreek coyote howl

At first, it was a handful of curious adventurers, then the numbers grew to 100+ people willing to go for a walk in the woods at night.

What happens on a coyote howl?

Our Discovery Program team delivers a series of guided evening hikes, leading groups of people away from the lights of the picnic shelter into the darkness of the forest.

Left: a dog’s prints. Right: a coyote’s prints

These brave visitors are rewarded with an exceptional experience: learning about the ecology, distribution, and common misconceptions surrounding this “urban wolf.”

The night is capped off with an opportunity to hear coyotes howls their response to our imitation calls.

It is an experience you will be talking about for years to come.

How to join Bronte Creek’s 2019 New Year’s Eve coyote howl

  • mark your calendar: December 31, 6:30 pm
  • dress warm – you will be outside for at least an hour or two
  • leave pets at home (no dogs allowed)
  • follow the conversation on social media: @OPBronteCreek

A special New Year’s countdown for kids will take place at 8:30 pm following the last hike.

No reservations required, but visitors will need to purchase a daily vehicle permit or show their seasonal pass.

See you there!