Coleman Battery Lock

Are you travelling “light”?

Your family NEEDED a weekend getaway. You were a little late getting on the road, but you’re pretty sure you packed the essentials.

It’s pitch black by the time you pull into your campsite, but that’s okay. You rummage around in your trunk, until you find your favourite flashlight.

You press the button and…

Nothing happens.

Setting up a campsite in the dark is an accident waiting to happen, and — for many of us — a night without light can be downright scary.

Learn to Camp family
The sense of security that comes from a well-lit campsite is one reason we provide our Learn to Camp participants with a Coleman lantern for their stay.

Peace of mind is a crucial part of relaxation, so make sure you pack the light- and power-sources you need.

These might include:

Lanterns for family timelantern

The right lantern can brighten up your entire campsite (a big plus for young campers who aren’t used to the dark).

Lanterns make dinnertime easy, lighting up your stove and prep areas.

Lanterns are also a great choice for playing cards or board games around the picnic table (or in your tent, if the weather doesn’t cooperate).

Flashlights for explorationflashlight

Ah, flashlights: the quintessential camping light source, whether you’re making a midnight snack or telling a ghost story.

And — of course — flashlights are a must for those 2:00 am trips to the vault privy 😉

Headlamps for hands-free adventureheadlamp

Joining a night hike or owl prowl? Exploring a cave? Pop on a headlamp and leave your hands free to explore!

Protip: headlamps are also great when curling up beside the fire with your favourite book.

But what if I run out of batteries?

Our Learn to Camp partner Coleman has got you covered.

Their cool new Batterylock system stops battery drain, meaning when you need to use your headlamps, flashlights and lanterns, they always turn on.

Here’s how it works:

So when you pack for your next camping trip, try some of these “illuminating” ideas and make sure you’ve got the power you need when you need it the most.