Backcountry gear for Ontario Parks

Planning a backcountry trip to Ontario Parks? Ontario Parks’ staff  know their parks and they also know the best gear for tripping them. Here’s some of their latest ‘likes’ plus helpful trip planning links:

For a good night sleep, try the Big Agnes sleeping pad. I bought mine at Sail and slept well even on the rocks at The Massasauga.

The Hennessey Hammock gives you a room with a view. It’s easy to set up and is less to pack than a traditional tent. Great for solo trips! I bought mine from MEC.

A good food barrel and harness keeps everything waterproof and is perfect for long river trips like Missinaibi.

A dehydrator lightens a food pack. I bought mine at Canadian Tire to dry fresh fruit, vegetables and even homemade stew. Once dry, I simply place food in freezer bags for easy travel.

A good yoke padding doubled the distance I can portage in one stretch. It even makes the Dickson and Bonfield a little less painful. Style of yoke and padding varies so do your research.

My new bug shelter was a lifesaver on my spring backcountry trip to Frontenac Provincial Park. I found it at MEC.

Tips to help you plan your next Ontario Parks trip

The Ontario Parks website and many Friends’ sites have valuable trip planning information.  Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Here are some basic backcountry etiquette tips from Ontario Parks.