Come To Ontario Parks For Spectacular Fall Colour

Online Fall Colour Report Helps With Autumn Vacation Plans
If you want to see nature at its finest, there’s no place like this. Head out to one or more of Ontario’s provincial parks this season for the best in fall colour viewing opportunities.

Ontario Parks has developed an online tool to help you know when the colour is at its peak. The Ontario Parks Fall Colour Report gives up-to-date information on the percentage of leaves that have changed colour, which colours are dominant and where to find the best views in Ontario’s provincial parks. Visit and click on the Fall Colour Report link.
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Ontario releases plan for Woodland Caribou Signature Site

The Ontario government is releasing the final management plan for the Woodland Caribou Signature Site in northwestern Ontario, Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay said today.

“The plan protects the site’s unique features, including rare woodland caribou, while allowing for appropriate recreational uses as part of the economic strategy for the area,”┬áRamsay said. Continue reading Ontario releases plan for Woodland Caribou Signature Site

Ontario Parks switches to BioBags!

Paper or plastic?

You may have been asked that question when the clerk at your local supermarket is about to bag your groceries.

At Ontario Parks, we’re switching to BioBags. They’re made from corn starch and synthetic polymers, are as sturdy as plastic bags, but are friendlier to the environment.

While consumers are becoming more conscious of the environment, about 80 plastic bags are still being used every second in Ontario. That’s about 7 million plastic bags per day or 4 bags per person every week. Did you know it takes about 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose?

Ontario Parks BioBags are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They can be reused, recycled, burned and composted. They break down in 10 to 45 days, depending how they’re composted. And they’re a small way you can help reduce greenhouse gases.

So, if you need something to carry away your Ontario Parks purchases and you’ve forgotten to bring your reusable cloth shopping bag, our BioBags are available.

Please remember to be earth friendly ~ only take a bag if you need one.

Ontario Parks and Google Earth

There have been a couple of changes to the Ontario Parks website and in particular, we’d like to tell you about Ontario Parks locations being displayed in Google Earth!

For the uninitiated, Google Earth is software developed by Google. It’s available from Google’s website free of charge (for the basic version of the software). Developers can create content to display in Google Earth and community contributors can post locations, photos … and who knows what else! Continue reading Ontario Parks and Google Earth